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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  November 28, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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able to slash nine people were he was taken down. none of them are life threatening. >> it was instant and immense. there were like seven or eight people injured from what i heard but considering how many people there were, they limited it to seven to eight injuries. that's incredible work by, you know, the response team. >> state, local and federal authorities are now trying to learn more about the suspect as well as motive, terrorism has not yet been ruled out. stabbing victims there were pedestrians that were hit by the car when the suspect hopped the curve into that crowd. again, no injuries appear to be life threatening. just within the last hour osu also confirmed that the 18-year-old was also a student at osu. bruce. >> people a flood are flooding social media with prayers for ohio state. caylee said it's horrible to have that happen to
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lori wrote, praying for all those at ohio state. shooting became a scary reality for the university. an arrest in a stabbing that left a woman dead on the streets of fairfax county. the victim's husband is charged with her death. the victim was 35. now, this all happened this morning highway in the mount vernon area. police say they heard screaming and neighbors were shocked to learn what happened. >> i've been here for 13 years and nothing has happened before. so i don't know what is going on. >> fairfax police tweeting there will be more details to come. right now police are still looking for the person who killed 16-year-old breanna mcmillian. he was caught in the
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of her mother's apartment complex on capitol hill. she was home from boarding school in iowa to celebrate the holiday. delia gonclaves is live outside the potomac gardens area over there in southeast with more on these tough questions that the community has for police. >> reporter: leslie, questions and demands. this is a two-page letter that will be read and handed to acting police chief at this community meeting ton present that have remained here all day outside of potomac gardens complex residents say they have been complaining about the violence on i street long before this 16-year-old was killed. >> we are tired of honing around the issue. >> dan iel chow is no longer playing nice because his polite matters have got nowhere.
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and over again. know your neighbors, call 911. we do all that. i think there needs to be a complete revamp in how the city approaching public safety. >> commissioner chow welcomes the increased police presence but not the up tick in violence that brought officers here. 16-year-old breanna mcmillian gunned down before noon the day after thanksgiving. police say she was not the intended target. >> chow believes the new public involve police presence but steps up out reach to neighborhood young people. >> are they get enough guidance or counseling? >> chow said for once they need honest answers and police before this community can begin to address a violence that they believe has gotten out of control. >> there's going to be some ugly truth that needs to be said
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forward. >> reporter: and residents in this neighborhood are hoping that they can move forward. that meeting is cohosted at 7:30 tonight in hill east at saint coluta school, 19th and independence avenue. delia gonclaves, wusa 9. >> delia, thank you. police are reviewing the surveie video from the apartment complex but still don't have any leads on who is be off in a brock black door vehicle. you can text anonymous tips to 4011. police what about to know who shot up a grocery store in prince george's county. they received a call just after 5:00 that someone fired several rounds at the choppers warehouse. there was no one inside the store at the time of the shooting.
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gunman was a disgruntled employee. we've got back to back yellow alerts beginning tomorrow and first alert meteorologist howard bernstein is in the weather center. >> we have rain knocking on the doorstep of cleveland, up into michigan down to the gulf coast. on the southern end of this we have warmth and energy. these are tornado watches, severe thunderstorms here. all of this east. we have not just one but two waves of low pressure. tomorrow one and then another one on wednesday. one thing we are going to get with this, warmer temperatures. today we have the high clouds, not a lot of sun. what you are seeing here is high returns. they are not worried about any rain tonight if you have any plans outside. just on the cool side. we are down in the upper 40s in a few spots now. even lovtsville down to 47, waldorf at 48.
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to it looks nice on that michael and son weather planner. temperatures steady in the upper 40s to around 50. tomorrow we are going into the 60s. wednesday maybe 70. i'll come back and we'll look at the 7-day forecast and look at the threat for storms. guys. a father and son are dead after a devastating car crash this morning. it happened in gainsville at the intersection of heath coat boulevard and lee with the latest on the investigation and the victims. nikki. >> reporter: well, it really is heartbreaking. just a few days after thanksgiving a young father and his son were killed here in a car crash earlier this morning. prince william county police say the victims are 32-year-old daniel valasco and his 2-year-old son,ronan. it happened about 9:45. daniel was driving a honda accord here on lee highway when he rear ended a
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daniel and his little boy were pronounced dead on the scene. neighbors tell me daniel was a husband and father of another baby boy just a few months old. i'm told that the driver of the truck was not hurt. he stayed on the scene and cooperated. another this point police say they are still not sure why he did not stop in time. we are live in prince william county, nikki burdine, wusa 9. >> nikki, thank you. we learn to the latest on the transfer of power to the trump the person in charge of the transition, vice president elect mike pence said it's going to be a busy week at trump tower. david petraeus paid a visit there today. he's in running to become the next secretary of state as is mitt romney who was scheduled to meet with the president-elect tomorrow. that comes despite some misgivings from trump loyalists. >> we don't even know if he voted for donald trump. he and his consultants were nothing but awful to donald trump for a
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evidence though to support trump's claims that he won the popular vote in the election if you deduct millions of people who voted illegally. elections officials declared trump the winner in michigan today. that slim margin of victory is the closest in the state in more than 75 years. there are also recounts in the works for wisconsin and pennsylvania. a 9-day mourning period is now underway in cuba where people are remri tens of thousands of cubans lined up to pay their final respects. many of them cried, some saluted as they passed memorials to the former president. castro has been widelyville fied him. exiled residents hope the passing of castro leads to freedom. >> it leaves hope and
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>> fidel castro handed over power to his brother, raul 10 years ago. he's worked with president obama to improve relation with the u.s. but president-elect donald trump tweeted today he will nate those arrangements if cuba doesn't offer a better deal. the first scheduled flight from new york to havana in more than 50 years departed this morning. more than 200 people were on board the flight from jfk. american airlines began flying from miami today. more on the health of bae bae. >> his handlers say and he's bright and responsive. he ate too much bamboo. and you thought your thanksgiving meal was big. the zoo posted this
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he's now on the strict diet of pears and sweet potatoes, soft food and milk. the panda house remains closed to the public while he recovers. we are just getting started on wusa 9 news at 5:00. >> come right into my kitchen, sit down and have some wine and they are amazed. breaking down barriers for the inauguration. dc homeowners opening their doors to strangers making a buck while doingt. >> a controversial assignment and an inappropriate question. a fairfax county teacher now in trouble. >> howard is back with our forecast stay with us. >> right after the break, metro's newest plan for train
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the metro is closing at
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overhaul. metro is recommending the most favored plan. bill said adam's morgan is hurting and business is down at least 20%. >> it's really killing us. i'm sure it's kill ing ing businesses region wide. >> the mayor's office just released a statement that said metro's plan falls short of a reliable system that meets riders needs. >> it's too hard on the people working here leaving late at night. >> dugan said he lost veteran employees. >> i don't understand why we are closing late night. it's unreal to me. >> this won't save metro all that much money. new documents said ridership will go down, metro will add more buses that equals more expense. this only
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pete monteen, wusa 9. >> metro would cut back off on sunday mornings. trains would open later at 8:00 a.m. instead of 7:00 a.m. right now metro said it will revisit the need for the cuts next year. phase 11 of metro's safe track program got underway this morning. there will be continuous single tracking between east and west falls church stations but rail riders across the orange and the silver lines should expect those delays. metro is encouraging everybody to find other ways t the safe track campaign runs through december 21st. the capitol christmas tree is wrapped up its trek across country. the 80 foot spruce arrived today. it made 31 stops along the way. the lighting ceremony will take place on december 6th. >> it's coming through today but it's almost like a heat wave through the middle of the week.
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wednesday then temperatures come back to where they should be towards the end of the week. get ready for much needed rain. i was running some national numbers and they are all 8% of average. we have a yellow weather alert for tuesday. the morning commute is going to have a high impact from shower. maybe less in the afternoon. it's going to keep a little hope that the bulk of the showers by 3:00 or 4:00 have come through for the day until wednesday's rain. floo, some winds, i put it in the moderate category because you are out on the western mountains above 2,000, 2,500 feet gusts maybe 40 to 50 miles per hour. lower elevations not a big concern. that certainly is a lot of wind. right now we are sitting at 50 degrees with mostly cloudy skies. a south, southeastern wind at 10 and our humidity at 54%. boy, just posted a picture on my facebook and twitter page of a plane going right across the washington monument there.
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in winchester and cumberland. i don't think temperatures will drop that much more. when we wake up temperatures in the mid 50s. yellow weather alert on tuesday and wednesday. showers will be in here by the morning. so 6:00, 7:00, 8:00, maybe earlier out to the west. that's why we have the yellow weather alert. i'm afraid the commute could be impacted. in the 60s on tomorrow and wednesday and on wednesday it could be around 70 with a surge thunderstorms too. could see an inch or more of rain in spots. we need the rain thanks to a big storm spinning up here. this guy in to dakotas, we've the cold snowy weather on the west side. in fact, we have some tornado warning in iowa, not even a 200 mile difference between the snow and tornado warnings. down south tornado watches from louisiana and mississippi. lots of severe
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this is not going as strong as the gulf coast but still going to bring some showers our way. here's a timetable on the future cast. tonight at midnight western maryland, parts of vest virginia will see it. we will see that move towards us over night with a couple of showers on and off. even 3:30, notice how future cast is to our north. this could be on top of us. at least they want to keep it north of us. so maybe it won't be as bad we get into a lull tuesday night into wednesday morning ahead of the next surge of moisture which shows potential thunder and gusty winds on wednesday before that starts to clear out. we will be in better shape as we get into thursday. as far as the rain, this is the gfs model that we like to look at. between 2 inches between now and wednesday evening when most of the rain has fallen. the forecast for tonight, no
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morning. lows in the 40s to around 50 but rising after midnight with winds out of the south, southeast at 10. for tomorrow morning expect showers, breezy and cool, temperatures in the 50s. in the afternoon we'll be in the mid 60s with more showers. 3-day forecast. showers possible on wednesday and 70. 59 on thursday with the wind returning. friday, saturday and sunday and monday cooler, maybe a late shower on sunday. >> thank you. rg3, remember him? he didn't headlines anyway. find out what happened to the quarterback and his girlfriend. >> right after the break millions of americans search for the best cyber monday deals. what they found and what is left
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as if you need a reminder, psycher monday -- cyber monday is underway, one of the busiest shopping days. >> there's so many savings. it's unbelievable. you can save hundreds of dollars on electronics and things you would use around the house. you know,
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>> this year a trend shopping on the go and buying must have deals right off your cell phone. >> i'm look ing for the latest and great xbox. >> how much do you hope to save? >> you know, if i can save $50 it's worth it. >> amazon and toys r us for the wife and the kids. it's convenient. >> when i online shop i use ebates. it's an online -- you can sign up for it and some clothing stores or other stores have an option to get cash back on purchases you make online. >> all right. online sales are expect ed ed to hit $3.3 billion. that's 9% more than last year. back to you. >> all right. thank you, stephanie. of course you can find even more great cyber monday deals on our wusa 9 app. just click on the ways to save
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>> his girlfriend said somebody went through wallets belonging to her and the quarterback. it reportedly happened yesterday. why reportedly? it happened yesterday. cash was lifted out of the wallet's in the players parking lot. >> they left it in the car? >> cleveland police said they have no record of a theft. rg3 who has beenel yet to comment on all of this. >> big questions. how much money was in those wallets? all right. straight ahead, how air b and b is actually bringing people from both sides of the political spectrum together during the inauguration weekend. >> coming up tonight we have an arrest in the shooting death of a prince george's county father. >> right after the break, a controversial assignment for a question for a student is that has some parents pretty upset
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days after the election a teacher told students to write about their feelings concerning the election results and that
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could use curse words. that's not what is upsetting one of the parents. it's what they teacher wrote back to her daughter that has really angered her. >> trump can kiss my ass. >> kelly is read ing what her daughter wrote for the assignment. >> i am thankful for the life that i have and my family which trump is trying to depart because we are highway or whatever. >> if i may ask or illegal? it depends on that factor for deportation. i hope you get to stay exclamation point. >> that hurts me. that hurts for my daughter . just the fears that she has and a teacher saying i hope you get to stay. it's wrong. >> she said when he had a meeting with the principal last week he already knew what happened because other parents complained. their children had seen it on valero's daughter's
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posted it and said is this for real. >> administrators moved her daughter to another english class. she thinks the teacher should be suspended. she said her daughter feels singled out. >> she can't walk down the hallway because she wants to avoid that teacher. >> no a state the school said the teacher's written comment was inappropriate and a matter was immediately addressed by school administrators when they became aware of it. in >> now, here's what the school policy says, fcps policy is to provide equitable treatment and opportunity ts for all. fcps is not requested to get a student's citizenship and does not enforce immigration law. to prince george's county where there's an arrest in a shooting that left a father of five dead. 41-year-old alvin vaughn is charged with first degree murder. this happened
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visiting his daughters. investigators tell us miles and vaughn knew each other, got in an argument and it ended with vaughn shooting niles to death. fair fox county police have released the name of a man killed in falls church last week. his name is lease eric olson. this happened on seminary road on thanksgiving night. police arrested three people. a fourth man wanted on burglary charges are still out president-elect donald trump is now less that 2 months away. some dc homeowners will be opening their doors to thousands of strangers that need a place to stay. andrea mccarren is live on capitol hill to talk about the politics of rental listings. andrea. >> bruce, that president -- >> reporter: bruce, that presidential election was bruising and devicive. now people are looking to bring people together and make money
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the people that have come into our home. i've had white, south africa, china, australia, all over the world. >> jade moore's home is already booked for the inauguration. >> i have broken a lot of barriers. >> she's never dealt with two sets of people who are political opposites. she's renting rooming to donald trump supporters and protesters at the same time. that was a dilemma. >> should i republican cancel them, cancel one? then i thought about it and for. >> she decided all 10 renters could stay under the same roof. >> i'm here to bring people together and break barriers so people see that politics should not separate us. >> inauguration listings like hers are filling the pages of air b and b and other rental sights. >> beautiful light filled home, a corner house a mile and a house from the inauguration. >> grayson is listing his home for a cause. >> i lived with guys coming out
5:33 pm
hill rental will go to changing perceptions, a non-profit that helps former inmates get back on their feet. >> i heard about all of these places that were putting their places up for $1,500 to $2,000 a night and i thought a couple days i can pay a month of mortgage and give to a good cause because i'm going to donate some of the money so i figured why not. >> reporter: in case you're still looking, the graham's place is it sleeps six. reporting live from capitol hill, andrea mccarren, wusa 9. >> andrea, that's really good. that house where gou got -- where you got both trump supporters and protesters under the same roof sounds like a facebook live shot if i ever heard of one. top dc neighborhoods are adam's morgan, columbia heights and shaw. these are places that don't benefit from tourism. >> a lot of interesting stories
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okay. let's get to what is trending tonight. this is pocket, a baby goat born hoofs. >> he was rescued by ghost of anarchy in new jersey. pocket now has prosthetics and is learning to walk again. he's got a best friend named polly. polly is blind with anxiety. the only thing that calms her down is wearing that duck costume. they are instant adorable best friends and by the
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rescue pay for polly and pockets there is a go fund me set up for you to do that. >> just keep showing those pictures. >> of course. the after math of has gone wild at a nike out let story near seattle, washington. social media users posted their videos and picture from the black friday disaster zone. one person wrote tore to sheds, calm and the other said it's the after math. in more positive news, nike has this much anticipated self-lacing sneaker and it's on sale today for some people. so select nike plus app users have the opportunity to drop just about $720. >> that's scary. $7>> 20. >> that's crazy. >> for the sneak ers. they are called the hyper adapt 1.0.
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adapter to charge your shoes because you need to charge them. you can't be in a rush because that takes 3 hours and lasts about two weeks. >> that shoe scares me. >> $712. what if you're walking and your shoe stops? you can't move? what do you do? for $720 i need to do more than just walk. it needs to change into something. >> fly. >> take me somewhere . super bowl tickets, that's a grand prize of the new promotion that bud light is brewing. starting today the company is randomly placing 38,000 gold colored cans in beer. anybody who finds one of the special conditions is eligible to enter a contest for super bowl tickets for the rest of their life. >> all right. also getting a lot of clicks today, record-breaking basketball shot from the group
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watch them nail a 593 foot shot off a dam in switzerland. this is the fourth time, fourth time how ridiculous has broken the record in the last 5 years. it's the fourth time they have done some incredible editing maybe. it looks like it. >> that's good stuff. the battle between josh norman has not stopped. kristen joins us in sports. >> shopping apps that appear to be from legitimate companies that could steal your personal
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we are learning more tonight about the mother found alive at disappearing a month ago. sherry papini disappeared while going out for a jog. she was chained to something and badly beaten when she flagged down passing driver. she was treated and released from the hospital that day. they let her go without that six figure reward. right now police are looking for
5:45 pm
>> they'll be looking for physical evidence that she may have picked up if she had contact with her captors and there may be dna involved. >> that was criminal justice professor jay butts. he said it is unusual for an adult to be held for that long and be released without being seriously harmed. now to a shoot out on bourbon street that left nine people injured and one person dead in new orleans. >> police say it started after an argument between two tourists. before 1:30 in the french quarter. a 25-year-old new orleans native was killed. the shooting happened during the bayou football classic that draws thousands to new -- new orleans. san francisco quarterback
5:46 pm
after he commented about fidel castro. after the game he tried to set the record straight and said he improves of castro's investment in healthcare and education. in tonight's consumer alert it's cyber monday and the best time to book your next vacation. several hotel and resort chains are offering some pretty good deals today. experts say larger and smaller stand alone properties and online discounts on room rates are up to be careful though. cyber security experts say you could be at risk when you use your phone to shop today. snoop wall said criminals are creating shopping apps to steal your personal information and they carry the names of retailers like dillard's. giving tuesday falls after black friday and cyber monday. a day when you can make a difference by giving back. you
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and even your talents to organizations or causes that help others. giving tuesday has been a social media phenomenon. it's now celebrated around the world. >> that's a good thing. shop owners in ellicott city hope their efforts pay off this holiday season. cindy manages hey ward collective on main street. they sell antiques and s in the flood. >> i never thought that it could come back that quickly. the community, not just of old ellicott city but the whole county just pulled together. there is so much unity. >> she said business is great this weekend. day's breaking news larry hogan is expected to visit ellicott city at 6:00 tonight as part of a statewide campaign to get shoppers to spend money in small businesses. the rain is the last thing
5:48 pm
>> incredible rain they saw. >> we are at a deficit at this time. >> a big time deficit. we are down 6 or 7 inches just since september 1st. we are no a moderate drought and about to get nice rain. not destructive rain by nice rain on tuesday and wednesday. right now down to 50 degrees. didn't get much above that. i was forecasting a high of 56 for that 3 degree guarantee. s milder air. over night i think temperatures will start to rise towards the morning. i think we will be in the mid 50s by daybreak. right now we have temperatures down in the low to mid 40s in the valley, cumberland at 41, 48 in fredericksburg and here in town at 50 even. the weather headlines, a couple of days with yellow weather alerts. we have not had one of these in weeks the way it's been going. on tuesday and wednesday we are going to get some showers
5:49 pm
into a lull between later tuesday afternoon and tuesday night. with the rain we are going to get warmer. temperatures tomorrow and wednesday will be in the 60s. wednesday we may make a run towards 70 if we can get a couple peeks of -- peaks of sunshine. could see an inch or more west of 95. this thing in bismark is just spinning and spinning. a lot of snow here in western north dakota, south dakota and into montana. mississippi valley the deep south tornado watch and severe thunderstorm watch. a rough night of weather down there and this is slowly the whole storm system marching east. it will not be the same storm when it gets here. we will not have tornado watches. we may get an isolated thunderstorm or two in with the rain. lots of clouds and showers after midnight towards the morning. don't be surprised if the commute tomorrow is a slow one due to
5:50 pm
rain north and west of washington and into the middle and late afternoon if this pans out, you know what, the ride home should be better than the ride in. we'll keep the fingers crossed. we get into a break tomorrow night before round two starts to move in by wednesday morning. this is the one that could have some gusty winds with it. potentially some thunderstorms and some really mild temperatures. if we get into any breaks on wednesday it could be the low to mid 70s towards richmond before t night. thursday here comes the cooler air. back into the 50s and back closer to normal on thursday and friday and the coming weekend. our forecast then for tonight, clouds this evening, showers later. the 40s to 50. they'll be rising after midnight too. so i think mid 50s when you wake up on tuesday morning with showers around. breezy. south winds 15 to 20 and gusty tomorrow. towards tuesday afternoon the mid 60s,
5:51 pm
i do think the shower s will taper off on tuesday afternoon. look at that high around 70 on wednesday. breezy and cooler on thursday. friday blustery at 52. chilly on saturday and maybe a late show in baltimore at the ravens game on sunday in the low 50s. now wusa 9's game on sports with kristen brought to you by xfinity. >> the burgundy and gold are enjoying a rare sunday off. >> they are now on the home stretch. kristen is live from redskins park. kristen. >> reporter: hey, guy s. yeah, this is it, the final give games of the season. the redskins looking to make that final playoff push after thursday's disappointing loss to dallas on thanksgiving day. frank has a closer look at the state of the
5:52 pm
five games left in the regular season for the redskins. it was a 6-4-1 record they are in a good position to make a wild card spot. they get extra time to rest after up after playing games in 11 days. they lost to dallas who is running away with the nfc east. nay gave up 31 points to cowboys in that defeat. they visit arizona next sunday in another huge game. inside the red zone, i'm frank handerhan. >> reporter: thank you so much, frank. after thursday's los -- -- thursday's loss all the walk was about norman and dez bryant. it wasn't about what happened on or off the field but the smack talk after
5:53 pm
really one to stay quiet or back down. he's full of confidence. today we kind of saw a different side of norman of practice. he was much more subdued like it's getting to him now and he's tired of hearing it all. >> i really don't care, man. i don't. what i've done and can't take it away from me no matter how hard they try. it doesn't matter to me. >> reporter: every week he's going to have a key match up and bruce and leslie hopefully this means he will focus more on the play on the field instead of all that smack talking leading up to it. live at redskins park, back to you guys. >> doubtful. >> we could end up playing the cowboys in the playoffs. >> it could be. the latest on the attack at ohio state university.
5:54 pm
and the police officer who took him down. >> and it's being called a thanksgiving miracle. hear from the mother who found her 8-month-old baby alive after being eject from a car during a crash. it's the way the baby was found that might surprise you. >> the cbs evening news, is your cell phone the next target for hackers. why you should think twice before making a
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halden maiden was the first woman to compete in the miss usa comment. she said the journey was not about winning. her story. >> the likes for minnesota's beauty and brains on win stage. >> it was emotions and nervous. >> emotions that h alina projects backstage. >> i'm going to make you stage ready. >> weeks of preparation come down to the final touch ups.
5:58 pm
shows people what beauty means to her. >> she's not dressed like the others on stage and that's what she prefers. >> this is actually what i would have worn to a job interview. >> dawning a hijab he's the first miss minnesota usa contestant to wear this as she sends a message to other women. >> be who you are. it's easy to confirm but to live your live with conviction and embrace the person that you are. >> winning this pageant is not the most important thing to halima. it's the courage to stand up and show everyone that's the beauty she's proud of. >> i'm just want people to love who they are. >> her story is trending on facebook and twitter. in the last 24 hours she said she has
5:59 pm
the world. right now at 6:00, what we know about the suspect behind the violent attack at ohio state university this morning. >> shoppers want some reassurance that they are safe at the store after someone fires shots at a prince george's county super market. >> coming up, what happens now between the united states and cuba following the death of cuban leader fidel castro. >> i'm bruce johnson . >> i'm leslie foster. we start with the violent we are getting a first look at the suspect that injured nine people, one critically with a butcher's knife. >> 18-year-old abdul razak ali artan was killed by police. the legal u.s. immigrant was a osu student. >> reporter: it's probably worth noting that ohio state was coming off a big weekend this weekend. a lot going on on campus. this thanksgiving
6:00 pm
rival the university of michigan in a tight double over time football game on saturday. that high came to an abrupt end this morning. >> the response was instant and it was immense. >> that response by authorities on the campus of ohio state university was the reports of a man who purposely hopped a curve and plowed his car into a crowd of pedestrians before jumping out of the car and attacking people with a butcher's knife near watts house. that houses the department of engineering and material and like really screaming. i'm like this is something going on. then i heard the three gunshots from about that same area and i was like, crap, like what do i do. >> columbus police officer 28-year-old allen harusco shot and killed the attacker identified as 18-year-old abdul razak ali artan. >> our officer was on scene in less than a minute and ended the


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